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Born and raised in Taiwan, Jayna was expected to fit in a particular mold. Like many Taiwanese children, Jayna started piano at a very young age then picked up viola at the age of twelve— preparing and paving a road for music. 


In 2008, Jayna attended Fu-Jen University (Taiwan) as a viola major and piano minor. Her outlook on music was indifferent until the first moment when her teacher asked her, “What do you want in life?” This first pivotal moment opened her mind and pushed her to think. Through the next few years, her path was further amplified by an oboist classmate who’s tone mesmerized everyone in the room. Thus, her journey to perfect tone began.


Since graduating Fu-Jen in 2012, Jayna became an essential part of the Taiwan music industry— having performed at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, The Golden Melody Awards, Hito FM Pop Music Awards, and KKBOX Music Awards with iconic artists such as Jacky Cheung and Harlem Yu. Despite her success, Jayna was far from being content. 


In 2016, Jayna applied in secret to Berklee College of Music. Though reluctant at the news of Jayna’s acceptance, her parents eventually agreed to let her attend. Her next two years there were filled with many abundant music endeavors- from performances unlike ones in Taiwan with Leehom Wang, crossing over to the jazz world with Jacob Collier and Tigran Hamasyan. 


With new soundscapes equipped, Jayna moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2018. Shortly after, her career became just as abundant— becoming an NS Design endorsed artist through Quartet405, recording for Burt Bacharach’s new album, and sharing the stage with Avril Lavigne at the Greek Theater, and the Jonas Brothers at Hollywood Bowl.  


Today, Jayna aims to set the precedent for being an interdisciplinary practitioner in Los Angeles. 

Rufus Wainwright -

Unfollow The Rules: The Paramour Session

Full Video Link Click Here

June 2020, Los Angeles

Strings Project

Composed by Jayna Chou

Mix& Master by Jayna Chou

Paul Anka Medley

Presented by Quartet405

Arr. by Jayna Chou & Simon Pucheu

Sep 2019, Los Angeles

TSeaN - Sorry

Apr. 2018 at Berklee College of Music Studio, Boston

Luys I Luso Suite

Tigran Hamasyan
“9th Annual Berklee Middle Eastern Festival” Concert

Mar. 9th  2017 at Berklee performance center with Berklee World String

It's November


Produced by Jayna Chou

Viola by Jayna Chou

In The Early Morning


Jacob Collier

"Imagination Off the Charts." Concert

Dec. 10th  2016 at MIT, Cambridge, MA

Viola Improvisation

Oct. 2018 at Los Angeles, CA

Nov. 2018 at Los Angeles, CA

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